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Red the Uniform Tailor (RTUT) has been in the uniform industry under its current private (and certified W.B.E) ownership for over 32 years. In addition to the many uniform products that RTUT manufactures in our own facilities, we also represent over 350 other manufacturers.   Red the Uniform Tailor operates two domestic factories solely for the manufacturing of uniforms.  In addition, we also manufacture and manage operations in China, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, thus allowing us to provide the best possible quality, delivery and prices to suit our customers’ needs.   RTUT has always been a leader in adopting the use of technology.  We were among the first to have computerized marking and cutting systems in our factories, which insures quality and consistency of product.   We were also among the very first to have both an on-line presence as well as on-line ordering systems for our corporate clients.  Beyond this, we also are able to track and manage multi-property inventory levels, and through our unique inter-company exchange software, we are able to minimize inventory levels and shortages, resulting in significant corporate savings to the bottom line.  Our experienced sales staff have been in the industry longer than most companies survive, and with RTUT for many years. Their knowledge base is constantly refreshed with the most recent technology and trends influencing the uniform industry.